Don Ritter, a 8th Degree Black Belt and a well respected Martial Arts

professional, has had a long and distinguished career. It has been

highlighted by 14 National Gold Medals, 2 World Championship Medals

and participating in the 1999 Pan Am Games.

As an accomplished, competitive professional, and as Director and Head

Instructor of Don Ritter’s Karate, he has the unique ability to use his extensive

knowledge and contagious enthusiasm to inspire and empower others.

Whether he is working with a high-performance elite athlete or a young child,

Don Ritter is able to instill discipline, generate respect and inspire confidence.

The Don Ritter Family Martial Arts Centre’s overriding goal is to empower

children to improve their character qualities. It will make them better prepared

for the young adolescent and teenage years that lie ahead. As well, it will stand

them in good stead into adulthood.

By helping our children grow, we are empowering them to build a stronger