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Karate Champ-Coach-Trainer:

Sensei, Don Ritter
  • 8th Dan (International Karate Association)

  • 3rd Dan (World Karate Federation)

  • 1st Dan (Japanese Karate Association)

  • 1st Dan (World Taekwondo Federation)

  • Blue Belt (Franco/Behring BJJ)


Don Ritter's karate development program is a true gem, driven by inspiration and dedicated to modern WKF karate. With an impressive track record of 14 Canadian national gold medals and the title of IKA World Champion, Don excelled at the highest levels and actively participated in five WKF World Championships. Notably, he ranked among the top 16 sport kumite fighters globally in the (-70kg) weight class during the WKF World Championships from 1996 to 2004, boasting over 500 competitive WKF sport kumite bouts worldwide.

As a former German National Team Member and Canadian National Team Athlete, Don Ritter brings over 30 years of coaching expertise and world-class teaching talent. Beyond personal triumphs, he played a pivotal role in shaping the journeys of numerous Canadian and international sport kumite champions. Serving as the Canadian National Coach and Ontario High-Performance Trainer, Don's coaching philosophy embraces a dynamic and realistic interpretation of Shotokan karate, breaking away from traditional boundaries.

This program is a masterful fusion of martial arts, drawing inspiration from Judo, Self-Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo. It goes beyond being dynamic, interactive, and challenging; it is profoundly educational, igniting inspiration in students and propelling them to high levels of proficiency on their martial arts journey. Don Ritter's program stands as a testament to the evolution and enrichment of karate, offering a comprehensive and innovative approach that transcends conventional boundaries.

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