We have 3 kids, ages 11, 9 and 7, all at Don Ritter’s Karate school.   Our oldest started about 7 years ago, when he was 4, and has worked through his belt levels with pride.   He has recently earned his Junior Black Belt.  His sisters started at young ages also and have had a great sense of achievement throughout their belt levels.   In addition to a fun form of physical and mental exercise, karate builds confidence and improves focus in the kids.   There are many reasons we would recommend Don Ritter’s Karate school but will mention some key ones.   Firstly, the school is just the right size for it to be personal.  Don teaches classes himself so he knows all the students and communicates with parents effectively.   With Don’s competitive experience, we consider this a privilege.  Secondly, Don’s teaching approach keeps the right balance of discipline and enthusiasm in the classes, so the kids are constantly engaged.    Finally, and in summary, these are valuable technical skills that the kids are learning and they enjoy it, hence an overall positive impact!


Christine and Brian Voykin

"I'm writing this on behalf of my son, who began taking karate with Don at the age of 4. The classes were fun and educational, and the kids really learned some good lessons in discipline and respect, while learning excellent technique! Maxx got his Junior Black Belt at the age of 10. It's simply a really cool thing to get your child involved in... if you're looking for something extra-curricular. I Highly Recommend Don Ritter's School of Karate, along with the extra Instructors~who were all excellent as well.


Liz Taylor"

My daughter and son have been students of Don Ritter's Karate for 10 and 12 years respectively.  

In that time they have learned self-discipline, physical co-ordination and perseverance in addition to 

the katas, self-defense and sparring techniques in their weekly classes.  I feel that karate has contributed 

greatly to their confidence and self-esteem.  Also, the leadership opportunities available at Don Ritter's have

allowed them to develop these skills.  The skills required for the sport of karate have helped them excel both in academics

and other extra-curricular activities at school.


Linda G.

I trained with Sensei Don Ritter for the better part of a decade, and when it came time for my young children to explore karate, there was no other choice in my mind than to send them to Don.  The children’s program at Don Ritter’s Karate and Fitness has always been exemplary.  There is always a balance of taking the time to explain things clearly with an assertive approach without being intimidating.  Laughter and fun are balanced with discipline; merit-based progression balanced against teaching that difficult things are worth the hard work.  The consistent outcome, in both the children that I watched when I was training, and in my own, is that his students learn resiliency, develop self-esteem, become more self-aware, respectful and determined.  Don provides a fun, engaging and most importantly positive environment in which his students blossom, and I would not hesitate to recommend his studio for children of any age or ability level.  Don is a world-class athlete, coach and teacher who can balance traditional Japanese martial discipline with modern teaching techniques in a way that really has a lasting and positive impact.  I dragged my kids to their first lesson, but they dragged me back every class after that.


Omar Petralis

My son has been going to Don Ritter’s karate classes for about six years. Don has an exceptional talent for teaching and imparting his enthusiasm for the sport to all his students - ranging from four-year-olds to late teenagers. Don is not only one of Canada's most successful karate competitors,  he also has an equal gift as an instructor. Don has just the right touch with all his students. He brings out the best in all of them.  Don has found exactly the right balance between instilling discipline and developing skills; and keeping the classes fun and creative. Both the enthusiastic amateurs and the committed athletes thrive at his dojo. 


Craig Colraine

“Both my sons are enrolled at Don Ritter’s Karate School. I am pleased to see that their level of self-confidence, focus and enthusiasm have been positively affected by their Karate experience. As a former Canadian National Level Athlete I can attest that the caliber of instruction that is received is world class.”


Andre (Chip) Lee